Canon PIXMA iX6500 Driver Download


Canon PIXMA iX6500 Driver Download

Canon PIXMA iX6500 Driver Download – Everybody feels like a square peg in a round gap now and again, however in the event that you’re searching for a financial plan evaluated wide-carriage printer, you require your four corners sanded smooth right at this point. The present printer showcase is overwhelmed with ease inkjet models, however all handle just letter-and lawful size paper. You can discover wide-carriage models for proficient picture takers or organizations with high print volumes, however they have a tendency to be costly. What to purchase in the event that you need a nitty gritty model?

On the off chance that we’ve quite recently portrayed you, you’re precisely canon’s identity pursuing with its Pixma iX6520. It can print to sheets as expansive as 13×19 inches, yet it’s valued just shy of $200. Besides, it’s moderately quick, and the print quality and appraised life span of its yield are superb.

Considering that another current wide-carriage display we just investigated, the Epson Stylus Photo R3000, costs $849, this Pixma most likely sounds extremely engaging about at this point. However, what do you surrender at this cost? To put it plainly, you’ll forfeit not simply decorations, but rather some close standard highlights, as well. First of all, Canon forgot both Wi-Fi and Ethernet availability. (This model is USB 2.0 just.) There’s no LCD control board—just several catches and lights. What’s more, the ink costs are higher than normal for an inkjet printer.

Generally speaking, the Pixma iX6520 is more suited to be a situational printer. It isn’t the best decision on the off chance that you intend to utilize only one printer, however it could work well as a moment printer, for times where you have to print extensive photographs, oversize spreadsheets, notices, or collapsed leaflets. Also, in that situation, it’s an incredible pickup. Given the low price tag, and the way that this printer ships with full-limit ink cartridges, the Pixma iX6520 could convey huge organization printing to the individuals who never figured it could be a reasonable choice.


The Pixma iX6520 is bizarrely reduced for a printer with a 13 all inclusive carriage. Its 6.3-inch tallness, 21.7-inch width, and 11.8-inch profundity make it a decent pick if space is an issue. By correlation, Epson’s Stylus Photo R3000, which additionally has a 13-inch carriage, is 9 inches high, 24.2 inches wide, and 14.5 inches profound.

Note, however, that in the two cases those are the measurements when the printers are shut, not when they are printing. At the point when the Pixma iX6520’s information and yield plate are completely expanded, the printer is about 16 inches high and 28 inches profound. The two plate telescope to suit the span of the paper, so unless you’re printing most extreme size sheets (13×19 inches), the real working measurements would be some place in the middle. In any case, watch that work area space before making a plunge.

Standard Pixma iX6520

This model is amazingly smaller for a printer that acknowledges 13×19-inch paper. Whenever shut, it’s only 11.8 inches front to back.

Like other Canon Pixma printers, the iX6520 has a smooth, adjusted appearance with a dark shiny wrap up. The bureau is built of a very intelligent plastic that gives it an advanced vibe. Regardless of the low cost for a wide-carriage printer and prevalently plastic development, the iX6520 feels tough and strong. It’s additionally light for its carriage measure; at 16.7 pounds, it comes in at simply under a large portion of the heaviness of the 35-pound Stylus Photo R3000.

In case you’re utilized to photograph printers with beautiful LCD control boards, you might be disillusioned with the iX6520, since, as specified prior, it has no screen by any stretch of the imagination. The controls include only two catches on the front of the printer that do twofold obligation as capacity lights. The main one is an on/off secure that lights blue when the unit is controlled on. It additionally flashes on and off as the printer is warming up, telling you the printer isn’t prepared yet. The base catch, for continue/scratch off, flashes orange when a blunder condition emerges, for example, an ink cartridge being drained or paper running out. You’ll need to screen or control all different statuses from your PC.

Standard Pixma iX6520 control board

The iX6520 has an exceptionally straightforward physical control interface. All usefulness is controlled from the client’s PC.

As you may figure from the insignificant locally available controls, the Pixma iX6520 doesn’t have a large number of the typical photograph printer highlights. The most prominently missing of these are worked in Wi-Fi availability and memory-card spaces. Indeed, even an Ethernet port is AWOL, which is astonishing given that this printer is focused to home workplaces. The best way to impart archives or pictures into this printer is through its USB 2.0 port. Thus, the iX6520 would not be a decent contender for sharing among various clients or setting off in a corner a long way from your work area. Given the exceedingly low value, you can’t blame this model excessively for its absence of flexibility, yet know about these constraints, in the event that they run counter to how you intend to utilize the printer.


Since the Pixma iX6520 has less highlights than most inkjet printers, establishment was fast and generally basic. This printer utilizes five ink cartridges, four of them holding color based inks (fuchsia, cyan, yellow, and dark) and one a shade based ink (dark). The color dark is utilized for content printing, while the others are utilized for illustrations and photographs. One ink-related factor to support its: The Pixma iX6520 ships with full-limit cartridges, rather than the fractional limit starter cartridges that occasionally go with economical printers.

You introduce the printhead before you introduce the ink cartridges. You’ll have to take a gander at the delineations in Canon’s incorporated Getting Started manual for arrange the printhead appropriately before you embed it into the implicit printhead holder. In the event that you take a gander at both the printhead and the representations of the printhead in the guide, you can see that the bigger round opening for the shade dark is on the correct side as opposed to one side, facilitating establishment. The printhead itself should keep going for the lifetime of the printer, as per Canon.

Standard Pixma iX6520 inks

The iX6520 utilizes four color based ink cartridges for printing illustrations, in addition to a bigger, shade ink cartridge for dark content. The red light close to every cartridge shows if it’s bolted into position.

The establishment CD gives you a simple introduce alternative to naturally introduce all the product. On the other hand, you can play out a custom establishment that gives you a chance to choose just certain projects. The alternatives incorporate the compulsory printer driver, and Easy-PhotoPrint EX (for making photograph collections, stickers, and schedules), My Printer (for designing the printer settings), Solution Menu EX (for fast access to basic assignments), Easy WebPrint EX (for printing segments of Web pages with a tweaked format), and an onscreen manual. You’ll certainly need the remainder of these; Canon doesn’t give a printed manual to this model.

Another program to contemplate in the event that you complete a custom introduce is Solution Menu EX. On the off chance that you have another Canon printer introduced, the two printers will be coordinated into the Solution Menu EX program and its alternate route menu. Through that program, you’ll have fast access to the specific elements of the two printers as if they were all accessible through a solitary printer. That could be a profitable element, since you might need to utilize an across the board printer you possess for examining and the Pixma iX6520 for photograph printing. Having those printer-particular capacities intermixed makes it particularly simple to utilize the iX6520 as a moment printer—at any rate, if your other printer likewise happens to be a Canon.

Arrangement Menu EX is likewise convenient for making bigger archives, in the event that you don’t have other great programming to do as such. It incorporates a determination of downloadable layouts. For workplaces, you’ll discover some for handbills, handouts, and proposition. Likewise in the program are formats for menus, party declarations, solicitations, deals notification, and signs. Every one of them are in Microsoft Word design, and in four sizes: A4/A3, record, letter, and legitimate.

Paper Handling

The Pixma iX6520 has just a single paper-input plate, and what number of sheets it can hold at once fluctuates by paper write and estimate. Those limitations could be an issue in the event that you plan to utilize the Pixma iX6520 to computerize substantial record print employments. The plate can hold 150 sheets of plain paper at any given moment, which is great, yet the yield plate can get just 50 sheets of it before you’ll have to bring your employments. With photograph paper, you can stack 20 sheets of 4×6-inch stock or 10 sheets of 8.5×11. That number drops to only a solitary sheet when you utilize 13×19-inch photograph paper.

Standard Pixma iX6520 plate

The single paper plate can be to some degree constraining. It holds 50 sheets of 8.5×11-inch paper, however just 20 sheets of 4×6 photograph paper and only one of 13×19-inch photograph paper.

We had no issues with the paper sticking or pulling through at an edge. The printer dealt with plain paper and premium photograph paper with the same steady precision. Standard anxieties, however, in the proprietor’s manual that you should utilize “Ordinance certifiable paper.” Also, as with Canon’s multifunction printers, the photograph paper determination in the printer driver records just Canon’s image of photograph papers.

You don’t need to keep this, in any case. In episodic testing, we utilized Canon’s photograph papers, and additionally the identical photograph papers from contending printer producers (Epson, HP, and Lexmark). The outcomes were similarly as great when we blended and coordinated practically identical papers.

Printing Performance

In our tests, the Pixma iX6520 conveyed print speeds similiar to those of most AIO inkjet printers we’ve seen. It’s to some degree slower than normal when printing content, and somewhat speedier than normal when printing photographs, which is the adjust we hope to see from a photograph driven printer.

We began our testing with our 10-page test record of blended content and designs, utilizing the standard-quality print mode. The Pixma iX6520 finished the primary page of the archive in 14.4 seconds, and each of the 10 pages in 1 minute and 53 seconds. That is near what we saw from is the safest place to download your driver, please feel free to obtain the Canon PIXMA iX6500 Driver Download from this site without hesitated.

Installation instruction :

  1. Download the Driver file based on your OS (operating System) type and series
  2. When everything has been plugged in turn the printer and the PC/Laptop/ computer on .
  3. Double click the downloaded driver file and then click the Setup or Install file.
  4. Follow the installation wizard and further instruction
  5. The Canon PIXMA iX6500 Driver Download is installed and the printer is ready to use
  6. Try to print the test page, If the printer is able to perfectly print the page, your printer is installed and setup properly. However, if the printer are not able to do the task, try to follow repeat instruction.

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