Canon PIXMA Endurance G3600 Drivers Download


Canon PIXMA Endurance G3600 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA Endurance G3600 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA Endurance G3600 Drivers Download – Throughout the previous couple of months my PC has been flying up a notice from my shading laser printer. “Help”, it says (on the off chance that I may reword), “I’m coming up short on toner!” But I’ve been hesitant to notice the notice in light of the fact that to supplant the toner cartridges (and each of the four need supplanting) will cost $576. That is for shading cartridges appraised at 2200 pages, and dark evaluated at 2500 pages.

In the interim, the Canon Pixma G3600 inkjet multifunction (check, print, duplicate) gadget is appraised at 7000 pages of shading and 6000 pages dark, out of the crate, for an aggregate cost of $499. What’s more, that incorporates the gadget itself.

Highlights Canon PIXMA Endurance G3600 Drivers Download

I should come back to the evaluating and financial aspects of utilizing this printer in a matter of seconds, yet first how about we take a gander at its highlights.

Despite the fact that I might for the most part call it a printer, the Canon Pixma G3600 is likewise a scanner and a copier. The print paper way is from a vertical paper stack at the back, through the printer, flying out onto another plate at the front. The scanner has its long measurement from left to right. The print way is evaluated to help papers up to 275gsm polished photograph paper. The paper plate can oblige up to 100 sheets of consistent print paper.

Down the correct hand side at the best are the controls and pointer lights They’re quite clear. There is no show on the printer. On the off chance that a notice light goes on, the printer driver control board on your PC will reveal to you what the issue is.

The print determination is 4800 dpi on a level plane and 1200 dpi vertically. The optical determination of the scanner is 600 by 1200 dpi.

The print speed is determined at “8.8 ipm” for dark and “5.0pm” for shading. I admit I truly don’t recognize what that implies. For what it’s worth, I printed ten pages of a high contrast archive with genuinely full scope of content on each page utilizing Word. It took one moment and 37 seconds from the time I squeezed the “Print” catch until the point when the last page dropped into the yield plate, so incorporates handling time inside the PC and system association time.

There’s just a single physical association: USB. However Canon anticipates that the printer will be associated with the system by means of the implicit WiFi. That works in the 2.4GHz band and backings up to 802.11n associations.

Canon PIXMA Endurance G3600 Drivers Download Economies

The reason I purchased a laser printer in any case was on the grounds that it was considerably less expensive to keep running on a for every page premise, despite the fact that it costs a fortune to supplant the cartridges. In any case, that was at that point. This is currently. A year ago one of the enormous printer organizations presented models which refill from jugs, and this year another biggie, Canon, has similarly come into the amusement with this, the Canon Pixma G3600 printer. At 135ml limit, the dark container is bigger than the others (they contain 70ml each).

The dark ink jug (and repository) are bigger than the shading ones

Presently we should complete a fast examination for simply dark printing and accept that the brands utilize comparable means for ascertaining the quantity of pages which can be created. The dark cartridge for my laser costs $123 for 2500 pages, which works out at 4.92 pennies for each page. Another dark ink bottle for the Canon Pixma G3600 is appraised at 6000 pages and expenses $29.99. That works out at 0.500 pennies for every page, or practically a request of greatness bring down in cost.

Um. Amazing? It’s difficult to think about an adequately solid outcry despite such a reality.

For shading, the laser estimating is $151 per shading for 2200 pages, or 6.86 pennies for every shading per page. For the Pixma  Canon PIXMA Endurance G3600 Drivers Downloadit is $24.99 per shading for 7000 pages, or 0.357 pennies for each shading per page, or 5.2% of the laser cost.

Truly, you’re paying significantly more in advance for the equipment. Most customer inkjet printers (and lasers, it appears) rebate intensely on the equipment and influence it to up with the consumables. With this printer you’re paying a more genuine cost for both equipment and consumables. Also, recall, once more, that the in advance price tag incorporates a page yield of a few times that of a proportionately estimated laser, and goodness knows what number of products for an inkjet utilizing standard ink cartridges.

Setting up

Setting up the printer is the same amount of an agony as setting up any printer. For this situation, it includes evacuating different bits of tape and one plastic section which hold everything secure amid transportation, introducing the two print heads (these clasp effortlessly into the right spot) and pouring the substance of the four ink bottles into their particular tanks. Less pouring but rather more pressing. You just need decently consistent hands for this assignment.

Simple to perceive how much ink is left (dark’s on the opposite side)

Be watchful with the ink. In the wake of discharging the cyan jug, I thumped it over and three little beads fell onto my seat, while one sprinkled onto a white link. I gave them a wipe and figured out how to simply spread the ink over a bigger surface, in addition to onto my finger. Be that as it may, a touch of Ajax Spray and Wipe and a paper towel tidied everything up pleasantly, including my finger. I’d be less sure of such outcomes on the off chance that it went onto fabric or cover.

You can associate the printer to your system by means of WiFi, or to a PC through USB. I was resolved to go the previous course, since I needed to share the printer over the system. So I precisely took after the guidelines, introduced the product from the CD and ran it. Normally it neglected to discover the printer on the system. In any case, how would it be able to, since the printer wasn’t associated with the system?

Presently, it’s conceivable – likely even – that the suggested setup methodology would work with a PC associated with the system by means of WiFi, yet I utilized my work area which is altogether wired in, and does not bolster WiFi. The directions said nothing in actuality and part of my part in doing these surveys is to go about as the PC naïf and see what happens.

So I completed the procedure twice with no achievement. At that point the product allowed to utilize WPS to associate with the system, however that didn’t work either.

Luckily, there’s a reinforcement. You can associate the printer to your PC incidentally by means of USB and set up the system in the standard way (select a SSID and enter the secret key). Once that is done, at that point you disengage the USB link and collaborate with the gadget over the system.

Afterward, in the wake of running the printer effectively for some time, I went to another PC on my system and ran the setup programming on it, and obviously it found the printer and set up prepared to print without any challenges since, by at that point, the printer was in certainty associated with the system.


To start with, duplicating. Simple as. Stick the thing to be replicated on the glass under the best fold and press either the “Dark” or “Shading” catch. For dark, the duplicate was finished in around fifteen seconds, and for shading around 35 seconds.

Results were useful for ordinary reports in the two modes on standard duplicate paper (Reflex brand), in spite of the fact that when I replicated a six by four photograph, the ink stack was excessively and the paper undulated from the moistness, while the shading was oversaturated. So I did another duplicate, this season of a UltraHD Blu-beam cover (for Suicide Squad) to perceive how a close full page would go, utilizing somewhere in the range of fifteen year old Canon inkjet high determination print paper I’ve been crowding. The outcomes were amazingly great with extremely precise (if not exactly flawless) shading interpretation, superb detail and no head-banding by any means.

Figure: which is the first and which is the duplicate? Truly, the lower one is the first. The distinctions are less unmistakable to the bare eye than this photograph.

The checking quality was great, however do take note of that the determination isn’t exactly enough for the best outcomes with 35mm film negatives and slides. For those a particular scanner would be favored. For general office utilize, however, this one is fine.

Utilizing it with the PC was a torment, however. I get a kick out of the chance to have a little control and I’ve been utilizing scanners for near a quarter century, so a decent see/examine application with promptly accessible settings is my inclination. The product suite with this unit incorporates that, yet you will need to go looking. Rather there are a pack of presets furnished with the product, got to through the “Speedy Menu” that sits on the base right of your screen, all the condemned time. I need my printer. I need my scanner. Be that as it may, not constantly.

Anyway, I disposed of the brisk menu stuff. I’m impeccably cheerful to print coordinate from applications. The driver is all I requirement for that. What’s more, to examine, all I require is the included “IJ Scan Utility”. I say the name in light of the fact that for reasons unknown it isn’t put with the other Canon instruments under the begin menu so in the event that you don’t think about it, you may never discover it. It’s just as Canon is disassociating itself from the product. Be that as it may, it’s the main thing accessible to do it the way it was done in the good ‘ol days. is the safest place to download your driver, please feel free to obtain the Canon PIXMA Endurance G3600 Drivers Download from this site without hesitated.

Installation instruction :

  1. Download the Canon PIXMA Endurance G3600 Drivers Download file based on your OS (operating System) type and series
  2. When everything has been plugged in turn the printer and the PC/Laptop/ computer on .
  3. Double click the downloaded driver file and then click the Setup or Install file.
  4. Follow the installation wizard and further instruction
  5. The Canon PIXMA Endurance G3600 Drivers Download is installed and the printer is ready to use
  6. Try to print the test page, If the printer is able to perfectly print the page, your printer is installed and setup properly. However, if the printer are not able to do the task, try to follow repeat instruction.

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Canon PIXMA Endurance G3600 Drivers Download