Canon LBP 2900 Driver Download

Canon LBP 2900 Driver Download

Canon LBP 2900 Driver Download – A decent printer can truly be a gift. It is helpful to utilize and can print information with only a tick. Off late, there are assortments of new printers presented in the market. Before you require out to get one, we propose you allude these rules. These rules will enable you to purchase the ideal printer to suit your necessities.

Rundown your requirements

Address the essential inquiries! For what reason do you require a printer? How regularly would you say you will utilize it? Regardless of whether you have to print a couple of pages day by day, or you will utilize it once it a while, understanding these things will enable you to pick the ideal printer according to your necessity.

Know your necessities

Do you have to print top quality pictures? Or on the other hand you require a printer just to print word records. On the off chance that you are for the most part going to print pictures, you require a higher quality printer, in the event that you simply need to print word documents a fundamental printer should do the trick.

Classes of Printers

There are essentially two classes of printers, viz; laser and inkjet printers.

Laser prints cost less per page to print, particularly in the event that it accompanies maker toner cartridges are accessible.

Laser printers print speedier and are ideal for substantial printing, for example, in a huge office. They give better print quality yet sub-par photograph quality in contrast with an inkjet printer.

Inkjet printers devour less power than laser ones. Ink, not at all like toner powder, can keep running off the paper when crisp out of the printer. The printing cost is similarly less yet can expand the cost over the long haul with the buy of the ink.

Inkjet printers are appropriate for shading photograph prints outs and, here and there, include memory card opening to print straightforwardly from the computerized camera.

Read the Descriptions

This totally relies upon what you will print frequently. In the event that you will print site pages or shading archives, at that point you will require a printer with 2 inkjet cartridges or 2 laser cartridges. In the event that you are printing some fun photographs, at that point stack on 4 inkjet or 4 laser cartridges. To get impeccable photograph print outs, at that point inkjet printer acts the hero and you may require around 7 of those cartridges.

Examine it

Examine space you may have held for your printer. This is the significant point since laser printers are greater in size and take up sufficient rack space. On the off chance that you have constrained space, at that point inkjet is the ideal alternative.

Accessibility and Affordability of ink

Cartridges are costly and not all cartridges are accessible at the neighborhood PC store. Check online for the accessibility of certain substitution cartridge. In actuality, whatever the printer producer states, utilizing maker’s or good cartridge doesn’t void the printer’s guarantee.

Consider Resolution (dpi)

This is the most straightforward parameter to think about the picture quality is

The standard determination of a laser printer is 600 dpi (spot per inch) contrasted with 720 dpi of an inkjet printer.

720 dpi of inkjet is equivalent to 600 dpi of a laser printer, yet it gives an upgraded look to the print out outcomes, and this can be seen while contrasting the shading photograph print outs.

Paper size and sort similarity

Your printer ought to have the capacity to oblige each size and sort of paper. These papers can extend from being gleaming, stock paper to substantial or littler paper, as per your need. It ought to likewise satisfy the need of duplexing i.e. imprinting on both the sides.


Before purchasing an immaculate printer, look on its producer site to ensure they give driver refreshes and presently have the driver perfect with your framework.

Different highlights

Regardless of which printer you pick, you will dependably have the AIO (All-in-one) or MFP (Multifunction Printer) alternatives with the present one. The AIO/MFP offer extra highlights like a scanner, copier, fax and obviously, printer.

Area for this to work

On the off chance that you require a typical printer for a work put, at that point you ought to think about a printer with organize network (through switch/remote web). A system empowered can be associated with any PC through the system insofar as the web motion on the printer is on. This implies you can print records, remotely. This setup is less demanding as there is no need of USB association with the host PC. is the safest place to download your driver, please feel free to obtain the Canon LBP 2900 Driver Download from this site without hesitated.

Installation instruction :

  1. Download the Driver file based on your OS (operating System) type and series
  2. When everything has been plugged in turn the printer and the PC/Laptop/ computer on .
  3. Double click the downloaded driver file and then click the Setup or Install file.
  4. Follow the installation wizard and further instruction
  5. The Canon LBP 2900 Driver Download is installed and the printer is ready to use
  6. Try to print the test page, If the printer is able to perfectly print the page, your printer is installed and setup properly. However, if the printer are not able to do the task, try to follow repeat instruction.

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